Pakistan Science Club December 2014 Updates

2014 has been a great year for Pakistan Science Club. PSc have organized a good number of Teacher training program, Summer Camps, Activates, We have also organized competitions and training workshops. Our Facebook fan following has crossed one hundred thousand likes.

 Pakistan Science Club December, 2014 Updates

Science Talent 2014

Fatima Rasheed

Hassan sadique

Hafiz Muhammad Hassan sadique is student coordinator of Pakistan science

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PSC’s Science Stars Interviews

Interview with Fatima Sohail

Fatima Sohail is one of the brightening star keen interested in research of energy production by different means to solve the energy crisis. She worked on “Generation of Power through Hot air” and wave power electric generator. Read More

Interview with Maryam Javed

 Maryam Javed. Out of 8, the most science enthusiasts across Pakistan, Maryam secured her position for participation in the Asian Science Camp, where she earned an honor for Pakistan by securing 2nd position in biology along her group mates. Read More..

PSC’s new Members

Abdur Rafay Usmani

Abdur Rafay Usmani

Risik Kumar

Risik Kumar

Tooba Iqbal

Tooba Iqbal


News and Announcement

Top 10 video posts in 2014

2014 was a great year for Pakistan Science Club’s Video portal, To celebrate this we ran the numbers to determined the top 10 most popular Videos of 2014. You can click on the pictures to go to the video post. Enjoy! Read More

Pakistan Science Club initiates Final Year Project (FYP) Video Library.

The key attributes behind every Final Year Project (FYP) are the tiresome struggle, Passionate research work with careful observations, mind boggling trouble shooting that leads to creative solutions. Last but not the least cautious report writing and presentations After all this, the Final Year Project (FYP) end up resting in the dark quarters of the lab leaving no physical proof that you ever did that.

One Hundred Thousand fb “Likes” Milestone

On this One hundred thousand “Likes” milestone, we want to thank each and every one of you for visiting this page every day and sharing content from it. Thank you for the heartfelt feedback, thought provoking comments and valuable suggestions that you all gave.

More News…

  1. Team PSC’s wins Sky Surfing Competition at SEE14′
  2. PSC Trains teachers on Hand-on Science Activities
  3. IEEE Karachi Section organizing Teacher In Service Program (TISP) Workshop
  4. PSC’s Science Exploration Camp 2014
  5. IEEE Karachi Section organizing Workshop and Science Fair

Picture Gallery

2nd IEEE Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) Workshop Photo Gallery

Sindh Provincial Science Fair Photo Gallery

Sindh Provincial Science Fair Photo Gallery Intel Pakistan starts Sindh…

 Science Experiments

 Chemistry Experiment: Electrolysis of Water

Chemistry Experiment: Electrolysis of Water

Fun with Iodine Solution by Match Heads

Fun with Iodine Solution by Match Heads

سائنس, ٹیکنالوجی ارٹیکل ادرو میں

Food of the future مستقبل کی خوراک

Food of the future مستقبل کی خوراک


قلم نگاری …قصہ ایک صدی کا



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