Summer Camp Karachi 2020

Pakistan Science Club is here to Beat Boredom by organizing its 39th Summer Science Camp for kids and teens during Vacation starting from June 2020.  It’s an amazing opportunity for science enthusiasts and curious teens to have an incredible hands-on insight of various scientific concepts and principles from Biological investigations to robotics exploration.


  1. Exploration of scientific laws and their applications
  2. Robotics, concepts and implementation.
  3. Hands-on skills
  4. Fun Learning Science activities
  1. Competition
  2. Engineering design process
  3. Inventor Box for the individual camper.
  4. Scholarships for the deserving students

Group Curious Scientist

This group will incorporate the children from Age 6-8. The campers will explore about the laws of science and their implementations in routine life, learn hands-on skills and design their projects.  Read More

Group Inventor

The group will comprises of the children from Age 9-11. The activities will help to develop the basic concepts of science, engineering, basic robotics along with their laws and applications.Read More

Robotic Scientists

The group will comprises of the children from Age 12-16. Campers will understand basic assembling and mechanical structure of robot, they will recognize code as a language people use to communicate with machines in the form of step-by-step instructions. Read More>>
2019 Camp Theme



21st Century Skills

Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Teamwork
  •  Renewable energy
  •  Robotics
  •  Fun Learning
  • Competitions
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Locations & Schedule

Venue 1: To be announced soon!


Venue 2: To be announced soon!


Venue 3: Korangi

Starting from June 13 – June 29, Time: 4pm to 6 pm Duration: 9 days, Thursday to Saturday Address: C-189, sec 35 / A, Zaman Town, Korangi 4 See Map Venue 2: North

Registration is open now Register online,


Feel Free to Contact Us Via 03453002870 / 02135052989 WhatsApp 0341-0216150

You can register online for STEM Summer Camp 2020, please fill online form for registration and we will contact you soon for confirmation.

The need-based scholarship is also available please visit Scholarship registration Form

The need-based scholarship is also available to visit Scholarship registration form info@paksc.org 03453002870 / 02135052989 WhatsApp 0341 0216150

AI Winter Camp 2019
AI WINTER CAMP 2019 ( Technovation Families | Artificial Intelligence Family Challenge)  Explore and acquire AI applications and projects with NO coding experience.
It’s all about learning, play, and create with AI. With the support of educators, community leaders, and technology professionals, families use AI to solve the problems they care about most. The program is to inspire families to be leaders and problem-solvers in their lives and their community. AI Winter Camp holding out the opportunity for families to have an exquisite experience about AI and a chance to participate in World AI Championship at Silicon Valley, USA.
  • 7 Days of creative AI Learning program
  • 23rd December to 31st December
Venue: Lincoln Corner, Liaquat Memorial Library

Participant Criteria

  • Each team can have maximum 4 people, one must be adult, parent or Guardian.
  • Each team can have maximum 2 adults.

Age requirements:

  • The parent/guardian needs to be 18 or older
  • All children need to be 15 or younger on January 1, 2019
  • We have 2 age divisions. The age division of your Family is determined by the oldest child member of your team
  • Senior: As of January 1, 2019, the oldest child in the family is 12-15
  • Junior: As of January 1, 2019, the oldest child in the family is 11- 8
  The program does not cost any tuition fee, you just have to pay PKR 1000 per Participant for registration.

For registration please Visit