Stargazing is a wonderful family activity and a rewarding experience with fun to introduce children to many wonders of the night sky. It’s easy to get started, as long as you have clear skies, a good observing site, and basic knowledge of the constellations.

Pakistan Science Club is organizing a learning astronomy night in collaboration with the Dreamworld Hotel & Resort for families. The stargazing activity, explanation, and observation are completely free of cost, and if you want to attend a telescope-making workshop then you can register for it by paying its fee which is Rs 4500 (20% discount available exclusively for Dreamworld and Pakistan Science Club members). The workshop is for teens and adults in which participants will learn to make their own telescope. Register Now


  • Telescope Making Workshop
  • Moonsighting
  • Learn about the constellations and observing equipment
  • Live planets view at the projector screen


  • Pre-registration required.
  • Telescope-making workshop fee is Rs 4500.
  • 20% discount available exclusively for Dreamworld and Pakistan Science Club members.
  • Register Now (link)

Event Details:

Date: February 16, 2024
Workshop time:
4:30 PM to 6:00 PM
Moon sighting and observation time: Starting from 6:00 PM
Dreamworld Resort, Hotel Karachi. Map

Telescope Making Workshop

Abdul Rauf

Learn about the planets, constellations, etc.

Talha Moon Zia

About Abdul Rauf

Abdul Rauf is a science enthusiast and research expert who established a platform to nourish and promote science culture in Pakistan. His aim is to popularize science and technology, to search for science talent, and to develop research and development strategies. Abdul Rauf is a science education expert who encourages students and teachers to pursue science by passion and facilitates their access to science by providing training workshops and sessions to adopt project-based learning and inquiry-based approaches. He established a Pakistan Science Club, a platform to invoke science enthusiasm among young students and teachers. paksc.org/abdul/

About Talha Moon Zia

Talha Moon Zia is a Research Astronomer at (NCBC-NEDUET) and an M.Phil. Scholar at ISST, University of Karachi. He serves as the Karachi Chapter Lead of the Astrobiology Network of Pakistan (ABNP) and is a Team Member of the Karachi Astronomers Society (KAS). Additionally, he is a Pro-Am Collaborator and an astrophotographer. Talha takes pride in being a Pakistani featured on NASA’s Astronomical Picture of the Day (APOD) website, the European Sky Agency (ESA) photo community page, Forbes, Astronomy Magazine, spaceweather.com, Earthsky.org, media. inaf.it, Dawn newspaper, the Newspaper, photographingspace.com, the newsletter of the Astronomical Society of Durban, South Africa, and various astronomical forums on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

A frequently asked question (FAQ)

1. Is there any entry fee for astronomy night?

Answer: There is no entry fee.

2. How many members of the family can come?

Answer: There is no restriction to join the Astro Night (observation session), but for the workshop, only max. 4 to 5 people can attend, including parents or siblings.

3. Will you provide a certificate?

Answer: Yes, we will provide certificates to workshop participants only.

4. Do we need to bring anything for the telescope-making workshop?

Answer: You do not need to bring anything. All tools and materials will be provided on-site.

5. How do we make the payment for the workshop?

Answer: Once we receive your registration, team PSC will contact you via WhatsApp and share the payment details with you.

6. Is there any discount available?

Answer: Discounts are available exclusively for Dreamworld and Pakistan Science Club members.

7. How much discount do Dreamworld and Pakistan Science Club members will receive?

Answer: Members receive a 20% discount.

8. Is there any charge for attending an observation session?

Answer: No, there is no fee or charge. Please note that the Telescope Making workshop is a paid event while moonsighting and observation activities are free of charge.

9. Can I attend the event without registration?

Answer: No you can’t, registration is mandatory for Astronomy Night and workshop both.

10. How can I register?

Answer: Simply fill out the registration form for Astronomy Night.

11. What is the time for the event?

Answer: Workshop time: 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM
Moon sighting and observation time: Starting from 6:00 PM  

12. If I register for the telescope workshop, will all my family members receive telescope kits to make?

Answer: No, with one registration, you will receive only one telescope kit. However, 4 to 5 family members are allowed to attend the workshop

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