In a bid to expose students to the advances in science and technology, Pakistan Science Club will hold a one month long the most interactive and innovative 'Science Exploration Camp 2014' at its campus PSC and CBM Korangi Creak from June 1 to 26 June. During the camp, students will learn to design things ranging from rockets to robots!. Eminent scientist of the country will deliver lectures on different aspects of science and technology inspiring students to pursue a career in science.


The main objective is to make them aware and motivate. The students of grade 5 to 12 to enhance interest in stem science subjects like biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics among others and in research.

Science Tech Exploration Camp 2014 for Kid Scientists @ PSC Campus specifically designed to address the age group 6 - 12. keeping in view the delicacy of kids and specially addressing their desire for fun and being interactive along the basic science learning experience. more details visit  www.paksc.org/camp

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