Pakistan Science Club in collaboration with Technovation bringing an exciting 12 weeks program for empowering girls and families to use cutting-edge mobile & AI technologies to solve real-world problems in their communities. By providing challenge-based technology (and engineering) education, we aim to develop problem-solving skills and confidence in learning abilities.

Join us to work with other girls to solve problems that matter to you using technology. You’ll develop skills to help you no matter where your career takes you—like collaboration, problem-solving, and leadership. You’ll have fun, too!

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TECHNOLOGY is the future but less than 10% of technology has WOMEN

With this program, girls from ages 8-18 solve problems using AI technology. Working in teams, girls find a problem in their community and build an app to help solve it. Along the way they develop their collaboration, problem-solving, and leadership skills


Your team will be automatically placed in either the Beginner, Junior, or Senior division to compete, based on the age of the oldest member of your team.

  • Beginner Division: 8-12 years old as of August 1, 2023
  • Junior Division: 13-15 years old as of August 1, 2023
  • Senior Division: 16-18 as of August 1, 2023

What will be the fee of course?

The course is free of cost.

There is no specific timing and venue of the classes since it is an online self-paced program so you can complete it at your pace and suitable time before the project submission deadline.

It is an online self-paced program, children will start the program with their parents/guardians and complete sessions one after another, PSC mentors will facilitate the queries only.

A mentor will guide you throughout the ideation process regarding its possibility, feasibility and applicability.

A mentor can be your parent/guardian, teacher, industrial specialist, relative or friend, and must be age 18 or older

The program is ideally designed for 12 weeks but you can complete it at your own pace after registration.

Upcoming updates about Technovation Girls Pakistan


1st orientation session

Team PSC conduct introductory orientation session on zoom. Details will be share on Whatsapp group


Last date of registration

Februray 24 2023


25 February: Session 1

Research and Identify problem + solution (UN SDGs) https://youtu.be/bxG6C-ru1sE


4 March: Session 2

Breakdown of business plan, minimum viable product, focus on users and how to get feedback https://youtu.be/iwRzpkqqr8c


11 March: Session 3

Paper prototype + Solutions


18 March: Session 4

18 March: Session 4: Pitching


19 March: Session 5: Video making + editing

19 March: Session 5: Video making + editing

What is happening at Technovation Girls International

  • 1: Get ready for Technovation 2023! Finding the Right Problem and Starting to Code. Video link
  • February 11, 2023: It’s my business! Writing your business plan and user adoption plan + Coding Help! Getting answers to your coding questions. Video link

We have received some incomplete/incorrect registration forms, so we are unable to contact you on WhatsApp. If you still have not received any messages from us, please WhatsApp us on 02135052989

Sana Hassan

Pakistan Science club