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Tooba Iqbal

Tooba iqbal

Education: BSc / BS university of Gujarat

My name is tooba I’m from azad Kashmir bagh but I studied in Rawalpindi. I did my BS hons in plant sciences and aiming to do M Phil in biotechnology. Science is my passion I consider it as a soul source in today’s world for approaching phenomenon rationally and to question things and get them more effectively inspired from the scientists like Newton and Aristotle.

I found scientific philosophy astonishing, and there are very few contributions of female scientists in scientific researches, so this was also a factor but I personally found science fascinating giving me all the answers of phenomenon’s I was most confused. I want to do scientific work in a way that will be genuinely beneficial for human. I got many research skills like PCR electrophoresis tissue culturing, I think the main food insecurities can simply be solved using biotechnological principles Pakistan science club is a good forum to stay aware with scientific happenings and contribute our part towards betterment

Reason for Joining: I want to keep myself more indulged in scientific activities and want to get aware with each new discoveries of science plus want to boost my scientific skills. I also want to help my fellow little kids who have urge to learn more about science and the recent trends in scientific world. I think this science club will be a good partner in all these activities l learn allot

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