Fun Science Show

Experience the exhilarating Air Vortex, Vacuum leverage, Fire Ball, Giant Elephant toothpaste, Vanishing waterBernoulli Balls, Spinning eggs, have fun with inertiabalance the stick on one finger and much more

What is a Science Show?

Science is curiosity about unknown and it is all around us, we come across to some of its common principles and magical tricks in our daily routine which cast their spell on us. Fun Science Show is an entertaining activity with include many simple scientific tricks to decipher the basic laws and theories of various scientific phenomenon such as inertia, pressure, light, sound, force and gravity etc. These demonstrations of fundamental concepts along with fun make the students to remember these elementary concepts in a very interesting way.

Why Science Show?

Our students learn science by the traditional way of memorizing and it becomes boring and burden to them. Due to the reason, they don’t remember it for a long time neither their concepts are cleared.

By keeping in focus the problem and to create and develop the interest of students towards science and its applications, Pakistan Science Club started a new trend in Pakistan. It’s an exciting way by organizing science shows in schools, Colleges, festivals, science mela and libraries to inspire the students and to enhance their interest in science and its learning.

fun science Show

Spinning Eggs: It is a challenge to find out whether the egg is boiled or not without breaking them.

Vacuum Leverage: A series of activities to explain the pressure difference, vacuum formation, their significance and applications.

Fun with Inertia: It is a captivating challenge to drag a currency note place between two glass bottles without dropping them.

Mentos geyser: An enormous jet is formed when Mentos are dropped into the soda drink defining the process of nucleation.

Burst Balloon with Lemon Juice: The demonstration explains the properties of acid and how it react with other substances.

Balance Stick: It is a challenge in which participant tries to balance the stick on one finger.

Hydrogen Bubble: It is carried out in a safe way to show explosive nature of hydrogen gas.

Air Vortices: The demonstration describes the Bernoulli principle to show the relation between speed and pressure of the fluid.

Vanishing water: This activity explains super absorbance of a polymer commonly used in diapers.

Elephant Toothpaste: It explains basic reactions of chemistry by creating large foams and trapping oxygen in soap bubbles.

Weighs the unknown: The activity helps to learn about the properties of an unknown gas by doing simple experiments.

Gyroscope: It is a spinning wheel activity that how it maintains balance on spinning even after the altered direction.

Bernoulli Balls: It helps the students to understand the use of air pressure using blower and floating balls.

Fire Ball: It defines the concept of surface area and its significance in everyday life.


  • Suitable for the students from Grade 1st to 7th and from grade 8th to 12th.
  • Maximum number of students to attend the fun science show will be 300.

  • Require access to one electrical power socket and 3 tables, chairs are not needed.
  • Duration of the show 60 minutes, set up and pack time will be 30 minutes

National Curriculum Linked

Curriculum linked activities will help the students to understand what they have been taught in schools and its practical implementations.

These brief and exciting demonstrations cover various topics of National Curriculum of General Science from grade 4th to grade 8th. These topics include force and motion, inertia, pressure, basic chemical reactionsNewton’s laws of motion and gravity etc.

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