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Abdur Rafay Usmani

Abdur Rafay Usmani

About: I am a quite confident person,some might say over -confident but that's not true. i can be lazy but can also ambitious and hardworking to archive my aims. I have always been curious and like to learn, whether its history , science or IT.

Particularly the astrophysics is of main interest, to know how stars are formed, that gravity can influence light or mass can slow time. I am well-learned, have excellent soft and social skills, know a hell lot about engineering and am quite creative not only in arts but in quite a few things. I think i would benefit quite a lot from being a member,Helping organize events, conducting experiments, getting to know like minded people. Also being a member itself is a benefit.

Reason to Join PSC:

To be able to discuss ideas with like minded people.
2, Perhaps would be able to gain valuable experience and knowledge that would aid later in life
3, To be able to interact with professionals and bright minds and learn a thing or two from them.
4,Enhance my soft-skills.
5, Most probably no one will read this, in that case i would like to have the pleasure to say that i love pizza, the cake is a lie..Ron Paul for president!

 Card No: PSC/KHI-376