پاکستان سائنس کلب Pakistan Science Club is a not-for-profit science society established on the 8th of August 2008 by Abdul Rauf. Pakistan Science Club inspires a lifelong interest in science, math, and technology by engaging diverse communities through interactive and innovative programs

Promoting Science and Technology by organizing different science activities i.e. summer science camps, science fairs, and competition at school, college, or university levels that aims to Search for Science Talent all over Pakistan these  science passionate students are nurtured at our platform and Research Center “C-189LAB” where they can work on their ideas and research in solving problems of our country and common people by innovation and development of new technologies by scientific means using local resources

PSC recognizes the importance of science as a crucial factor required for the progress of Pakistan and its citizens, particularly students of science, and the urgent need to create a vision of science rather than a mere presentation of science. PSC feels a necessity to work for the need for simultaneous support from all parts of the country and abroad for a better repositioning of human and material resources. For the cause, Pakistan Science Club has been working with various government and international organizations and is also involved in policymaking and educational advocacy for educational reforms throughout the country and internationally.


  • Promoting scientific information, materials, ideas, values, and methodology amongst institutions, organizations, and individuals.
  • Representing the nation in the international community and acting as a mirror and marker for the current status of science in Pakistan.
  • Providing fresh, up-to-date, and authentic help to students through literature help, counseling, and advice in their research work.
  • Promoting the use of common facilities that might be too costly to set up at the individual level.
  • Promulgating the message of science to the general public through its media campaign.
  • Encouraging and disseminating knowledge throughout the country for the benefit and social welfare of the country and humanity at large.
  • PSC endeavors to provide students of science, with cross-cutting knowledge of the most recent developments in international science and technology.
  • PSC also makes all efforts in reflecting, through its activities, the status of the nation in science and technology and will give its target individuals a moment of thought over the degraded science system in the country.
  • To make efforts to produce strong collaboration among the educational institutions and research organizations in the country as well as different groups and organizations working with related goals throughout the world.
  • To provide a chance to its Members to gain first-hand practical knowledge and exposure of the Members through its outreach activities.
  • PSC aims at providing to its member students a chance to share their knowledge and research experience with others which develops confidence and encouragement for further progress.
  • To reveal the interdisciplinary character of science.
  • PSC is thematically geared towards the free dissemination and spread of scientific information.
  • The Organization also tries to popularize science for the general public. Our publications, monographs, and appearances in newspapers will be a means to this end.
  • Pakistan Science Club brings people from diverse disciplines together and provides the Members an opportunity to discuss their problems with working scientists and professionals and be enlightened from their thought.
  • PSC also aims at the publication of quality science literature – in hard print and electronic forms.

Mission & Vision


Foster and promote scientific culture through research and development involvement and collaboration


Our mission is to promote scientific research culture in society through interactive and innovative hands-on science activities projects, experiments and science fairs. We focus on Science popularization programs (summer camp, Exhibition, Olympiad, Science Field Trip, Science club in School, Search Science Talent, Research and Development)

Promotion of Scientific Culture in Pakistan

Science is the study to know something, all the sciences and their scientific study have come from experiments and learning by doing which is our main focus. In our society, science is just limited to books only. Students just read them, memorize them and pass the exams, there is no practical work and experimentation in our present system, and students are bound to just memorize the subject of science as they used to learn other literature subjects. PSC focuses on hands-on project-based learning of scientific phenomena.

How Do We Promote Scientific Culture In Pakistan

  • Family Science
  • Robotics Program
  • Summer Camp
  • School STEM Club
  • Science Stars
  • Workshops
  • Science Show
  • Science Talent Search
  • Science Photo Contest
  • Water Rocket Challenge
  • School/College Affiliation
  • Final Year Projects
  • Science Talent
  • Science Exhibition
  • Science Olympiad

 Popularization of Science and Technology by organizing different Programs that aims to Search Science Talent all over the Pakistan.

Search Science Talent all over Pakistan

PSC aims to search for science talent all over Pakistan by organizing different Science activities i.e. summer science camps, science fairs, and competitions. The purpose is to identify and nurture future scientists, technologists, and IT talent at school, college, or university levels. PSC also provides opportunities and facilities to science-talented students to utilize their skills to innovate and support their scientific interests.

Research center

Innovation and development of new technologies: Science passionate students are nurtured at our platform and Research Center where they can work on their ideas and research in solving problems of our country and common people by innovation and development of new technologies by scientific means using local resources
PSC Research-Based Projects

  • Multipurpose Smart Solar Unit
  • Dual Rotor Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
  • Grey Water Treatment
  • Natural Electrolyte Battery
  • Solar Water Distiller