Foster and promote scientific culture through research and development involvement and collaboration


our mission is to promote scientific research culture in society through interactive and innovative hands-on science activities projects, experiments, and science fairs. We focus on Science popularization programs (summer camp, Exhibition, Olympiad, Science Field Trip, Science club in School, Search Science Talent, Research and Development).

Promotion of Scientific Culture in Pakistan

Science is the study to know something, all the sciences and their scientific study have come from experiments and learning by doing which is our main focus. In our society, science is just limited to books only. Students just read them, memorize them and pass the exams, there is no practical work and experimentation in our present system, and students are bound to just memorize the subject of science as they used to learn other literature subjects. PSC focuses on hands-on project-based learning of scientific phenomena.

How Do We Promote Scientific Culture In Pakistan?

 Popularization of Science and Technology by organizing different Programs that aims to Search Science Talent all over the Pakistan

Search Science Talent all over Pakistan

PSC aims to search for science talent all over Pakistan by organizing different Science activities i.e. summer science camps, science fairs, and competitions. The purpose is to identify and nurture future scientists, technologists, and IT talent at school, college, or university levels. PSC also provides opportunities and facilities for the science talented students to utilize their skills to innovate and support their scientific interests.

Research center

Innovation and development of new technologies: These science passionate students are nurtured at our platform and Research Center where they can work on their ideas and research in solving problems of our country and common people by innovation and development of new technologies by scientific means using local resources PSC Products Archives – Pakistan Science Club (paksc.org)