Wahab is a nature enthusiast. His expertise is in Climate change, Environment, and Sustainability. He has done many projects in this domain like ” Awareness programs”, “Tree Plantations” “Mangrove Plantation” “Composting” “Gardening Training”

“Agritech projects” “Aquaponics”, “Hydroponics” “Automated Greenhouse” “Biogas” and so on. Also, he is the founder of a startup named “Sabza.pk” which aims at gardening training, Consultations for plants set up in homes and offices especially (indoors).
Various projects addressing climate change and agritech projects (Hydroponics, aquaponics). He is also part of TDF Magnifi Science Center serving as Executive for Nature and Sustainability.

Play chess, traveler, Explorer, & dreamer.
Working on a Global Movement of UN SDG Goal – 13 : Climate Action.Graduated from UOK in chemistry.
Member of “Care about Climate” and “Oxford Climate Society”.

Executive for nature and sustainability @ MSC
Founder of sabza


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