Pakistan Science Club is now taking one step forward to introduce an amazing hands-on Online and On-campus Robotics course for the children. The exciting part is a specially designed PSC robotics kit for participants which will not only help them to learn about microcontrollers and sensors but will also provide greater insight into basic Mechanical, Electronics, and coding components and their integration into robotics.

Who can join?

  • Teens aged 11 to 18
  • Individual recommended

 How to Join?

Firstly you have to submit the online registration form,  After submission, you will receive an email for the fee payment procedure.

  • The primary target is to constitute a strong base of students in technology.
  • Strengthening basic hands-on and practical skills. Deciphering the elementary concepts of electronics, circuit making, and debugging techniques.
  • The practical interpretation of basic theories and definitions of terminologies, components, sensors, etc.
  • Combine learning of science, engineering, and technology to build exciting projects and understand the working of various mechanical and electrical components of it.

About Robotic Kit.

  • Mimic the movement of the dummy arm
  • Arduino microcontroller.
  • Variable resistor module
  • It can be programable to automate its working
  • Fee: 4000
  • Robotic Kit Cost 5500
  • Total Fee: 9,500
  • Early Bird Discount offer: 10% (on a fee-only) Rs. 3600+ 5500 = 9100/-