I am Hamza Ahmed Khan, a Software Engineer by profession and certified in Android Development from Google. I am currently working as a Staff Software Engineer at Bazaar Technologies. I also serve on Github and Stackoverflow and am passionate about giving my utmost to the community.

I have done my Bachelors in Electronic Engineering with a major in Robotics. During graduation I joined the Pakistan Science Club to polish my skills. I really enjoyed my time here and learned many things. Upon graduating I joined a startup working on Educational Robotics. Here I got in touch with Android application programming. I took Udacity as my learning platform for Android Development and started working as a full-time Android Developer.

My working across companies and functions allowed me to polish my skills as a Software Engineer. Not being from a Software Engineering background did not come to me as a hurdle but as a challenge which I willingly faced. I have always kept sight on the real-world objectives and this is what has driven me forward.

Feel free to contact on LinkedIn:

Current position:
Staff Software Engineer at Bazaar Technologies

From PSC Archive photos:

Hamza Khan with Campers 2012
Hamza Khan with Campers 2012


Khamza khan with other members 2015
Khamza khan with other members 2015


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