Pakistan Science Club has organized the most awaited event in Karachi “The Water Rocket Challenge 2017”. It was a very healthy and fun-filled activity in which Participants made rockets by using carbonated bottles and launching it in the air. The activity involved the participants utilizing their hands-on skills guided by their learning on science to create a water rocket. It is the most recognized fun science activity in the world which teaches basic concepts of physics, mathematics and aerodynamics.

The competition was divided into two categories: students from age 12-18 compete for Maximum range competition and the students from age group 18+ for bull’s-eye target using understanding on aerodynamics, projectile motion, the relation of force and pressure, wind speed.

All the schools of Karachi were invited in this competition, not only this but it was an open challenge for all schools, colleges, universities and hobbyists and was a worth learning, exciting and healthy competition for the participants, teachers, and families as well.


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