Teacher Training Workshop by Pakistan Science Club and STEAM Pakistan

Successful Teacher Training Workshop conducted by Pakistan Science Club at Islamabad Model School for Girls on April 29, 2024. Organized in collaboration with STEAM Pakistan, this workshop gathered over 40 enthusiastic educators from various schools and colleges, all eager to enhance their teaching skills in the field of science.

The central theme of the workshop was “Hands-On STEM,” emphasizing the importance of interactive learning experiences in classrooms. From the outset, the event captivated participants with captivating demonstrations illustrating fundamental scientific concepts. These demonstrations showcased how educators can seamlessly integrate simple yet effective experiments into their lectures, facilitating a deeper understanding of scientific principles among students.

Throughout the workshop, participants engaged in two hands-on projects designed to empower them with practical teaching tools. The first project focused on building windmills, allowing teachers to explore the dynamics of wind energy firsthand. The second project centered around constructing rubber-powered air propeller cars, providing educators with a tangible example of applied physics principles.

By actively participating in these projects, teachers not only gained valuable insights into science concepts but also discovered innovative ways to utilize low-cost materials to enrich their classroom activities. Armed with newfound knowledge and resources, educators left the workshop equipped to inspire and educate their students effectively.

Thanks to the STEAM Pakistan team for providing this opportunity and their invaluable support throughout the workshop. At Pakistan Science Club, we believe in the transformative power of education. Through initiatives like this Teacher Training Workshop, we aim to nurture a generation of passionate learners and innovators, driving forward the advancement of science and technology in Pakistan.

Here are some photos of the workshop


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