Step into the world of science and fun at the Sukkur Youth STEM Learning Festival! From January 25 to 27, 2024, we had three amazing days filled with learning and excitement, thanks to the teamwork of the Thar Education Alliance, UNICEF Pakistan, UNICEF Reform Support Unit, SELD, and the Government of Sindh.

Imagine this: a buzzing crowd gathered, eager to explore. Leading the way was our CEO, Mr. Abdul Rauf, along with Muhammad Zubair and Wahab Shah Bukhari from the Pakistan Science Club (PSC). They put on a fantastic science show that was both educational and entertaining, keeping everyone hooked.

But it wasn’t just about watching – attendees got hands-on with science experiments that made learning fun. One highlight was using a telescope made right here in Pakistan by the talented folks at PSC to observe the sun. It showed how innovative we can be in our own backyard!

What made the festival truly special was how everyone got involved. From students to organizers like Mr. Partaab Shivani and Jawad Mirani, everyone pitched in to make it a success.

As we look back on the festival, we’re excited for what’s next. Stay tuned for updates on more events where we’ll keep making science awesome and accessible for everyone. Let’s keep the curiosity alive!


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