Summer vacations are the time of the year when students are generally less occupied with academics and love to engage in more fun learning activities. For such enthusiasts, Pakistan Science Club (PSC) has been organizing a STEM Summer Science Camp since 2009 during vacations to explore nature in an adventurous way. It has always been an amazing opportunity for young kids and teens to have hands-on practice and grasp 21st century skills to explore the logic behind various scientific phenomena that they have been taught in schools. Participants get the opportunity to understand and experience a vast range of knowledge from renewable energy to create their own robots.

Previously, these STEM summer camps were held at multiple locations in Karachi and online throughout the country during the COVID -19 pandemic. On the strong public demand, for the first time, Pakistan Science Club (PSC) in collaboration with ECO Science Foundation and National Skill University Islamabad organized a physical STEM camp in Islamabad (Islamabad Hands-on Science Camp) from 25th July to 29th July. During the week, participants were enabled to explore the core concepts and ideas of STEM, experiential learning through systematic science projects, and hands-on practical application.

STEM Science Camp was organized at the National Skills University, Islamabad with four different time slots from 9 am to 6 pm with 90 minutes for each batch. 

Activities Details

The participants of the STEM camp aged 8-14 and the projects were designed accordingly for them to understand Renewable energy, Optics and Aerodynamics in the most profound way. There was also a STEM Challenge on the last day of the camp where children got teamed up with their parents/guardians to construct a 15 seconds machine. It was not only a fun learning and engaging experience for kids but adults also enjoyed it, showing their creativity and problem-solving skills while understanding the importance of STEM and its application in daily life. The activities were helpful in not only explaining the fundamental concepts, laws and their implementation but also in developing the hands-on skills.

Closing Ceremony

During the concluding day, the students were invited along with their family to participate in a family challenge. President ECOSF Prof. Manzoor H. Soomro spoke in the concluding ceremony and said that the enthusiasm of the students and parents is highly appreciated. CEO of PSC Mr. Abdul Rauf who was also the Master Trainer of the Camp shared the journey of PSC. Mr. Ghulam Abbas of ECOSF made a presentation and introduced ECOSF, its objectives, programmes, core activities and IBSE programme. The participants were also awarded certificates.

STEM Summer camp participation certificates were distributed among the participants at the last day of the camp. President ECO Science Foundation was invited as the Chief Guest. Parents appreciated the efforts and work of Pakistan Science Club, ECO Science Foundation and National Skills University in promoting and working for the science culture in the country, they also shared their views and experience at the summer science camp. 

Team PSC is highly thankful for the generous support and cooperation of ECO Science Foundation and National Skills University for their sponsorship and location. It has been a great pleasure and honor that such esteemed organizations collaborated and joined hands for the positive activities and promotion of science in the society through the worth learning process.  


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