Pakistan Science Club conducts the Teachers In-Service Program as a Training Partner with the Institute of Electronics and Electrical engineering (IEEE) Karachi Section at FAST University City Campus. The Program was themed to empower pre-university teachers and Educators to make the learning of science more interactive by doing hands-on science activities in their respective domains.

A huge range of participants from University Students to professors and lectures, College and School teachers to professional engineers attended this event. Chair IEEE Karachi Section Perkash Lohana explained the structure and working of IEEE and highlighted the role of the IEEE Karachi Section.

President Pakistan Science Club, Mr. Abdul Rauf was the head trainer of the event. Habab Idrees and Hassan Siddiqui were the project testing facilitators. Participants were encouraged to use the basic stationary items to make Wind Mill and bring up with their innovative designs to meet certain standards.

Participants were encouraged to make a robotic hand with the help of basic stationery items like clips, pencils, scotch tape and cartons.

The Robotic hand and the windmill models were the working models and these designs were tested up the certain standards as the Robotic hand has to lift up a glass placed 45 cm away from the fixed base and put coins from glass “A” to glass “B”. The windmill design was not tested for generating electricity but for the strength to mill to lift up coins placed in a glass by rolling thread at the far end of its shaft and standstill without any external support as the wind is blown 45 cm away from it.

IEEE and Pakistan Science Club Volunteers joined their hands to maintain the highest standards of learning and awareness in this session.


Watch Video IEEE TISP Hand-On Workshop Wind Turbine  IEEE TISP Hand-On Workshop Robot


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