This August, Pakistan Science Club in collaboration with STEAM Pakistan exhibited some of its engaging and interactive Science projects at the Gilgit Career Festival which was organized by the Government of Gilgit Baltistan from 15th to 18th August 2022 for kids, teens, and families, the main purpose of the event were to inspire and motivate the young generation of GB to excel in their careers. The exhibition area was set up where leading organizations showcased their activities and provided mentorship to the students, there were also speed-up one-on-one career counseling sessions for the students with STEAM members and professionals. 

Activities Details

Pakistan Science Club was the only organization at the festival that displayed working models and projects related to STEM. It included live Water Rocket launching, Van de Graff generator exhibit, Tesla coil, and Telescope working, etc. PSC also showcased some of its DIY projects such as Hopper bot,  Shake Generator, Walking Robot, Bluetooth Robot Car, Solar Powered Car, Hydraulic Lift, Wind Turbines, Solar Powered Fan, AC generator, Anti gravity pencil, etc. they did not only serve as fun activities but were also helpful in demonstrating various scientific concepts and phenomena. During the festival, participants were enabled to explore the idea of STEM, experiential learning through systematic science projects, and hands-on practical application.

Hundreds of students visited the PSC stall and took great interest in the display especially the Water rocket launching was of great enthusiasm among all and it was performed periodically after every 15-30 minutes. Also, female students showed more excitement and involvement in the activities and there was a unanimous demand for setting up the STEM labs in GB from all.  Local volunteers from Gilgit joined the PSC team to assist during all four days’ activities and demonstrations and certificates were given to them for their services and support. GB Career Festival was organized by the Government of Gilgit Baltistan at the GOVT school number 1.

Team PSC is highly thankful for the generous support and cooperation of STEAM Pakistan for its sponsorship. It has been a great pleasure and honor that such an esteemed organization collaborated and joined hands for the positive activities and promotion of science in society through the worthwhile learning process.  


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