Pakistan science club is sponsoring another successful event The Student Project Exhibition Competition (SPEC’14) for the science passionate people as their media partner. The ’14 could provide the students an opportunity to develop skills by accomplishing realistic missions to address a broad spectrum of industrial automation, manufacturing and humanitarian challenges and encourage the students through their hardware and software concepts, with innovative and interactive ideas.

SPEC’14 aims to provide students with a superior and enhanced platform in order to expand their analytical and interactive skills.

The purpose of the event is to bridge the gap between the academia and industrial globe along with providing an advantageous platform for the future leading engineers who believe to have the efficacy that can distinguish them among the other geniuses. It is a distinctive event which not only provides the opportunity to the students to compete and nurture their abilities. It gives a chance to students to know about different industries and also the industrialists come to know about the students coming up with more talent, best skills and new ideas which could be beneficial for all. Read More


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