For the first time, Pakistan Science Club (PSC) is bringing the excitement of an on-site physical hands-on STEM camp to Islamabad in collaboration with ECO Science Foundation and National Skill University. During the one-week camp, students will understand numerous scientific and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts by exploring the principles, ideas and experiential learning with fun and entertainment.

It will not only be amusing learning and engaging experience for kids but adults and guardians will also enjoy it with their children. The last day of the camp will be a surprising STEM-based competition where parents will also participate along with their kids, remembering and reliving their childhood curiosity and creativity. The students from age 8-14 will participate in the Science STEM camp which will be for 5 days starting from 25th July, Monday to 29th July, and Friday, at the end of the camp, certificates will be provided to the participants.

The summer camp has no registration fees and there are only minimum material charges, students will take their working models and projects to home. The camp is completely sponsored by ECO Science Foundation, the material kit will be given individually to each participant by the Pakistan Science Club, and all the other necessary tools and equipment will be provided to the kids for work under the supervision of PSC trainers.

Each session will be of 60-90 minutes and will be divided in a way that it will cover basic theory, conceptual points, step-by-step making of the project, and reflections at the end of each session. There will also be an interactive Q/A and learning outcome discussion to address the queries and problems.

The camp is based on an awe-inspiring theme of “Renewable and Clean Energy” in the combination of sky exploration with Water Rocket and Telescope making. young makers will have interactive sessions on what is renewable energy, how to generate clean electricity and its applications of it in various aspects of life. The projects include,

  • Solar energy project
  • Wind energy project
  • Telescope
  • Water Rocket
  • STEM Family Challenge

1. Wind Energy Project 
In this hands-on project, kids will learn about renewable energy and converting wind energy into electrical energy by making a wind turbine.

2. Solar Energy Project
In a fun-filled exciting project to explore solar energy, the kids will understand how they can use sunlight to power a car and drive a car on clean energy.

Camp Activities Include:

  • Astronomical Telescope
    • The telescope is always fascinating to kids. Kids will see the craters of the moon with their own telescopes. This hands-on project helps students to learn about the lens and its working with daily life applications.
  • . Water Rocket
    • A water rocket is one of the most fun and exciting hands-on science activities around. The main emphasis is on the understanding of a model rocket, its aerodynamic structure, and the concept of pressure, Bottle rockets are excellent devices for investigating “Newton’s Three Laws of Motion”

STEM Family Challenge

On the last day of camp, children with their parents participate in a thrilling and thought-provoking STEM family challenge that would not only help participants in testing their skills but also help them to learn about teamwork and communication.


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