The City School PAF Chapter’s science society organizing a science Olympiad named PAF Intellect, Pakistan Science Club is a Media partner of PAF Intellect 2014. PAF Intellect platform for young science and programming enthusiasts to compete with the most brilliant minds in the city.

More particular to mention is that it will be a fun-filled experience for everyone who takes part. All students who’re in their O levels/ Metric, A level/Intermediate to their final qualification degree are eligible to participate.

There is a list of 6 events including pure elemental chemistry to cryptography and the structuring of models. All of these are explicitly mentioned in our Challenges tab. The First Category of this event is Investigar la Infección,  This event is all about a mixture of diseases. We will provide the contestants with the file of the patient, which will include the medical history of the patient; his/her test reports, and vital signs.

2nd Eulermathecia, This event is particularly designed to get you out of your comfort zones. Did you ever wonder how mathematics really started and how it evolved into the mathematics you study at school? Ever wondered why the square of a hypotenuse in a right-angled triangle is always equal to the sum of the individual square of the triangle’s base and height? This is where all those questions will be solved and your growing thirst for theorems and mathematics will be fulfilled.3rd Invention Galore, The participants amongst you who’d prove to have the upper hand or even a slight scintilla of wit shall take home the glory. 4th Aerodinámica, Show ingenuity and incorporate it with your scientific skills to construct an electric-powered boat. Participants will be required to construct a rocket-powered by water using plastic bottles as the body of the rocket and gas to build up pressure inside the bottle itself. 5th Science Quidditch, This event is a quiz based event on the basic elemental chemistry, laws of physics, and all such related things that we gather in our classrooms, so make full use of your memory, dig out the knowledge trapped inside you and appreciate the developments in science here at this event.

6th Mecano Minds, The only event of its kind gives you a chance to let your creativity and mechanical skills put true colors to your design.

In 2012 PakSC team participate in The City School PAF Chapter 1st science Olympiad and won 1st prize in Mecano Minds, category

For more detail about this event visit: pafintellect2014.com

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