The Workshop addresses the fundamentals of Virtual Reality, its types, importance, uses, and applications in various aspects of life. Students will make their own Customize VR Box.

The making of a VR Box is an excellent hands-on practical example for the students to understand how it works.

Learning outcomes.

  • Understanding Metaverse and Virtual Reality, their importance, application, and Uses.
  • How VR can help them in their studies in an easier way to understand.
  • The workshop will also help the students to be a maker as they are going to create their own VR customized box after the VR box will engage them on their own to explore them more through various other mediums.

 Who can join?

  • Students aged 8 to 14

Fee of Workshop

  • 1750 +250 kit material delivery charges.

Date & Time

  •  Monday, Dec 27
  • 4:00 to 5:15 pm

What do we provide in the kit?

All about VR Kit Containing:

  • Hard book
  • Cardboard of VR box
  • 2 Lenses
  • Stickers
  • DK app Scan code
  • Scan codes for 5 amazing Experiences

(You have to arrange Smartphone only)

 Registration link

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