In a remarkable stride toward innovation and technological advancement, the Pakistan Science Club proudly showcased its new startup, Telescopes. pk, at the Seventh International Conference on Space Science and Technology (ICSST-2023) held on October 10, 2023. The event served as a platform for the Pakistan Science Club’s founder, Mr. Abdul Rauf, to delve into the captivating realm of Space Entrepreneurship: Designing and Manufacturing Telescopes.

Takes Center Stage at ICSST-2023

Mr. Rauf’s presentation highlighted Space Entrepreneurship: Designing and Manufacturing Telescopes. This momentous occasion was part of the larger celebration of World Space Week 2023, which carried a special focus on Space Entrepreneurship.

The collaboration with prestigious institutions like the Institute of Space Science and Technology, the University of Karachi, and the Department of Mathematics & Sciences, Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, played a pivotal role in making this event possible. Their support underscored the collective effort to push the boundaries of space science and technology, emphasizing Pakistan’s progress in this critical field.

Exploring New Horizons: Telescopes.pk Takes Center Stage at ICSST-2023

At the heart of this achievement lies Telescopes. pk, a venture that embodies the spirit of innovation and scientific curiosity. The startup’s presence at ICSST-2023 not only highlighted the club’s dedication to exploring the universe. Telescopes. pk was born out of a passion for space exploration and a determination to create world-class telescopes. Mr. Abdul Rauf, a staunch advocate for promoting science and technology in Pakistan, envisioned a company that could not only manufacture telescopes but also inspire a new generation of scientists and astronomers. Telescopes. pk takes great pride in its “Made in Pakistan” label. The startup’s telescopes are a testament to the country’s manufacturing capabilities and technical expertise.

Exploring New Horizons: Telescopes.pk Takes Center Stage at ICSST-2023

The event resonated with a sense of pride and accomplishment for Pakistan Science Club and its partners. Together, they are actively shaping the future of space science and technology in Pakistan, inspiring a new generation of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs to reach for the stars.

In the coming years, as Telescopes. pk continues its exploration of the cosmos, it is poised to make significant contributions to our understanding of the universe.

The success of Telescopes. pk at ICSST-2023 is a testament to Pakistan’s potential in the field of space science and technology. It showcases the nation’s ability to innovate, inspire, and lead on the global stage. With initiatives like these, Pakistan is carving out its place among the stars, reminding the world that the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds.


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