Abdul Rauf: Founder / President 

Muhammad Ammar: Founding Member

Abdul Qadeer: General Secretary

Core Team

Nabeel Mustafa

Engineer/ Project Desginer
Nabeel Mustafa holds a crucial position within Team PSC, where he excels as a technical expert and researcher. With his invaluable knowledge and skills, he has contributed significantly to the success of various projects undertaken by the team. Nabeel’s design and engineering capabilities have been instrumental in delivering successful outcomes, earning him recognition and praise among his peers. His dedication and commitment continue to drive the progress and achievements of Team PSC, making him an indispensable asset to the organization.

Faiza Rauf


Fatima Rasheed

Administrative Manager

Fatima Rasheed is one of the core members of Team PSC, having been part of the Pakistan Science Club since 2010. She possesses extensive expertise in administration and management. Presently, she holds the position of Administrator Manager at PSC, where her exceptional skills and experience have been instrumental in the smooth functioning of the organization. Throughout her tenure, Fatima’s dedication and contributions have been invaluable, playing a vital role in the growth and success of Team PSC.

Syed Hammad

Founding Member / Editor

Editor Pakistan science club, professional teacher, Writer, Thinker, teachers trainer, blogger and student counselor.

Muhammad Hassan

Founding Member/ Inventor

Inventor and Project Manager of PSC R&D department. Associated with Pakistan Science Club since 2010. He build many projects like automatic gas burner, Robotic hand, benzo tower etc

Sana Mehmood

Founding Member/ Researcher

Chemical Engineer working as student coordinator and researcher at Pakistan Science Club. Her research projects involve Extraction of Algal crude from micro-algae, Grey water treatment, Benzene tower and Bio-gas plant.

PSC Community Profile http://paksc.org/sana

Habab Idrees

Founding Member/ Young Inventor

inventor, Entrepreneur, associated with Pakistan Science Club since 2010

Wahab Shah Bukhari

Wahab Shah Bukhari is a Project Manager of Go Organic, He Graduated in Chemistry from UOK, His Experience and Expertise are on Climate change and the environment.
He is also working on agritech like (Aquaponics, Hydroponics models).

Syed Hamza Ibrahim

 Nighat Perveen

 PSC International Representative


Team Members Ansar Mehmood Salman Ghori, Asif Ansari, Syed Hammad, Mohammad Shahid,  Members:
 Sialkot Chapter Core Team. Ch Qamar Raza Abdul Waheed, Jameel Ishaq,

Board of Advisor

Naveed Syed Secretary-General, ENHANCE Alliance

Naveed Syed is an experienced Project Leader, with a passion for global network and community building for innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders from academia, industry and policy-making. For eight years, he worked for the Falling Walls Foundation as a Project Lead for the Falling Walls Lab, an international forum for outstanding talents, active in more than 75 countries and as the Head of Global Networks, developing a purpose-driven community of change-makers. Recently, Naveed has become the Secretary General of the ENHANCE Alliance, an association of seven European Universities of Technology, shaping the future of Europe and driving transformation in science and society. The ENHANCE Alliance is part of the European University Initiative, supported by the European Commission.

Bilal Zafar (USA) Ph.D. Computer Science

Faisal M Kashif (USA) Ph.D. Bio-Medical Engineering

Dr. Adeel Mahmood Assistant Professor  Department of Biosciences  COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Professor

Ali Murtaza GOVT College Karachi

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