Group1: little inventor 6 to 9

  1. Rubber band-powered rolling plastic bottle.
  2. Wind Energy Project
  3. Solar-powered house
  4. Safe Stopping Robot
  5. Hopper bot
  6. Solar Water Purification
  7. Big challenge

Rubber band-Powered Rolling Plastic Bottle 

An action-based hands-on project to learn about elastic potential energy, how it can be used in performing tasks, and how energy is converted from one form into another.

Topics learned

  •  Elastic potential energy
  • Conversion of energy
  • Motion and its types

Wind turbine 

An interesting hands-on project to learn about renewable energy and converting wind energy into electrical energy by making a wind turbine.

Topics learn

  • Wind energy and its conversion
  • Working and constructing the windmill
  • Applications of wind energy

Solar Powered House

A fun-filled exciting project to explore solar energy, the kids will understand how they can use sunlight to power a house and benefit themselves during an electricity shutdown.

Topics learned

  • Renewable and solar energy
  • Application of solar energy
  • Combination of resources

Safe Stopping Bot

A fun-filled hands-on activity to understand the basic robots and the mechanics involved in it. The project will help participants learn about motion in a machine and its basic electronic components.

Topics learned

  • Concepts of robotics
  • Basics of mechanical movement
  • Fundamentals of circuit

Hopper Bot

It is an interesting STEM activity to learn about different mechanical movements and their implementation. While making a hopper bot, children will understand how to construct a robot using only mechanical motions.

Topics learned

  • Understanding motion, balance, links and joints.
  • Basics of mechanical movement
  • Fundamentals of robotics

Water Distillation

It is an experimental project to understand and explore the water cycle, water purification, its importance, and implementation in daily life.

Topics learned

  • Water purification
  • Application of water cycle
  • Combination of various resources
Group1: little inventor 6 to 9

Big Challenge

Includes two thrilling and thought-provoking STEM challenges that would not only help participants in testing their skills but also make them learn about teamwork and communication.

Group 2: Young inventors 10 to 14

Rubber Air Propeller Car

An exciting learning activity to teach children about energy, its types, and conversion to different forms, in addition, it also explains the basic aerodynamic structure and its fundamental principles.

Topics learned

  • Conversion of elastic energy into mechanical energy
  • Laws of energy conservation
  • Basic aerodynamics

DIY Astro Telescope

The telescope is an interesting hands-on project that helps students to learn about the lens and its working with daily life applications.

Topics learned

  • Optics and its importance
  • Concept of the lens, its types, working, and applications
  • Properties of light and its behavior

DIY Drone 

Quadcopters are a popular type of drone with four propellers, participants will learn about the basic drone design, its parts and the functions of different parts along with its daily life application.

Topics learned

  • Types of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Fundamentals of aerodynamics
  • Applications of drones

Electricity Generation with Heat

Generation of electricity from various resources has always been a topic of interest, this exciting project will help participants to learn about electricity generation by heat, its parts, and its process.

Topics learned

  • Peltier module,  its basic parts, and their function
  •  Relationship between electricity and heat
  • Generation of electricity

Hydro Turbine

It is an outstanding activity to learn about one of the ancient mechanisms that has been used by humans for electricity production, it also explains the concept of dams and hydraulic pressure..

Topics learned

  • Hydraulic pressure
  • Piston and it’s working
  • Working of hydroelectric

Energy Conversion

The interesting hands-on activity repeatedly uses various types of energy, converting them into a series of actions and making students understand the conversion of energy practically.

Topics learned

  • Conversion of energy
  • Law of energy conversion
  • Application and uses of the concept

Big Challenge

Includes two thrilling and thought-provoking STEM challenges that would not only help participants in testing their skills but also make them learn about teamwork and communication.

Group 2: Young inventors 10 to 14

Robotic Scientist 12 +

  • Construction of mechanical robot
  • Basics of electronics
  • Coding
  • Task e.g (line follower, light follower, object follower)

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