Little Inventor 7 to 10 years

Day 1 Rocket Science

A rocket is a manmade vehicle that uses thrust from a rocket engine to travel. The main emphasis is on the understanding of a model rocket, its aerodynamic structure, the concept of pressure, Pascal’s law, and its application in the energizing of the model rocket.

Day 2 “Lift the Car” Pneumatic jack

A pneumatic jack energized from a container having a pressurized gas therein for rapidly and effortlessly lifting an object such as a motor vehicle including an automobile, a van, and a truck for one purpose of changing a tire that has gone flat is disclosed

Day 3 “Discover A Hidden World” with your Own DIY Microscope

In doing the project of making a personalized DIY microscope, children will learn about basic optical instruments, their importance, and their applications in everyday life. Topics that will be covered are light and its properties, optical instruments along principles of optics and light. The participants will have a better understanding of design and making, hands-on expertise, team building, and presentation.

Day 4 “Cleaning Day” Vacuum Machine

A DIY vacuum machine allows the child to be actively involved in the process of building a live battery-powered working model of a mini vacuum cleaner.

Day 5 STEM Challange

Robo Scientist 11+

  • Construction of mechanical robot
  • Basics of electronics
  • Coding
  • Task: To build a mimic robot

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