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PSC is now taking one step forward to introduce an amazing hands-on Online Robotics course for the children. The this of Robotics camp is BE A ROBOTIC SCIENTIST Join

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PSC RobotisTeam is a very successful team in training Robotics to School students as we are very strong in our Syllabus and our way of teaching. Read More

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Sophisticated Smart-Class based learning experience along with like-minded Roboteers in a world-class tech environment. Join now to become a Certified Roboteer.

Beginner Level Age: 11+

  • Age: 11+
  • The primary target is to constitute strong base of the students in technology.
  • Strengthening the basic hands-on and practical skills.
  • Deciphering the elementary concepts of electronics, circuit making and its debugging techniques.
  • Practical interpretation of basic theories and definition of terminologies, components, sensors etc.
  • Combine learning of science, engineering and technology to build the exciting projects and understand the working of various mechanical and electrical components of it.

    Advanced Level Age 14+

    • Age 14+
    • Acquire knowledge about working of various physical principles and functioning of its constituent parts.
    • Understanding of engineering drawing and its application to design robot.
    • Hands-on experience of building a robot through step by step visual and manual instructions.
    • Basic conceptualization of coding and micro controller including simple algorithms for robot to complete a desired task
    • Introduction to wireless technology by making blue-tooth/mobile app controlled robot.
    • This level enables the student to design various other types of robots with slight modification and variation.

    Expert Level Age 14+

    • Combination of complex mechanical design, electronics and programing to make autonomous robots.
    • Assembling and making of complicated mechanical structures and circuits along with integration of different sensors.
    • Extensive programming and function creation to perform specific tasks.
    • This level deals with advance codes and algorithms to control and command different parameters of the robot according to demand.
    • The hands-on practice and understanding is sufficient to empower the students to design and make various automated robots.
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    Robotics Competitions

    • Robo war
    • Line Following Robot (LFR) contest
    • GIKI Robotics competition
    • NIRC Robotics competition