Levels of Robotic Course for kids and teens

Robotic Course for kids “Robotics Inspires Students to Become Tech Innovators”

Pakistan Science Club’s team has designed its own inexpensive kits for Robotic Course for kids and teens which has wide range of possibilities like SmartBot, Accelero Control Robot, Controlling Arduino Robot using Android Smartphone, Object Avoider Robot.
It will not only be worthwhile to comprehend the robotics, its working and application in everyday life but it will also add to Hands-on skills and expertise.

Robotic Course for kids
Robotic Course for kids

Students will understand basic designing method involving physical and mechanical structure of robot. They will recognize code as a language, people use to communicate with machines in the form of step-by step instructions. Kids will explore how robots follow an ordered step-by-step process and create a simple algorithm a robot can follow to complete a desired task. The program targets to design a simple robot from the basic wire control to the gradual integration of various sensors to operate it for autonomous mode.

There are three ways to attend robotic course

  1. Online
    • Live session through Zoom
  2. Offline
  3. On-site

Beginner Level Age: 10+

  • Robotic Course for kids Age: 10+
  • The primary target is to constitute strong base of the students in technology.
  • Strengthening the basic hands-on and practical skills.
  • Deciphering the elementary concepts of electronics, circuit making and its debugging techniques.
  • Practical interpretation of basic theories and definition of terminologies, components, sensors etc.
  • Combine learning of science, engineering and technology to build the exciting projects and understand the working of various mechanical and electrical components of it.

Advanced Level Age 14+

  • Age 14+ or Beginner Robotic Course for kids level passed students
  • Acquire knowledge about working of various physical principles and functioning of its constituent parts.
  • Understanding of engineering drawing and its application to design robot.
  • Hands-on experience of building a robot through step by step visual and manual instructions.
  • Basic conceptualization of coding and micro controller including simple algorithms for robot to complete a desired task
  • Introduction to wireless technology by making blue-tooth/mobile app controlled robot.
  • his level enables the student to design various other types of robots with slight modification and variation.

Expert Level

  • Combination of complex mechanical design, electronics and programing to make autonomous robots.
  • Assembling and making of complicated mechanical structures and circuits along with integration of different sensors.
  • Extensive programming and function creation to perform specific tasks.
  • This level deals with advance codes and algorithms to control and command different parameters of the robot according to demand.
  • The hands-on practice and understanding is sufficient to empower the students to design and make various automated robots.