What is Maker Space?

It is a place where students can learn to use material, tools, design, and create a prototype using their hands-on skills and scientific knowledge. It encourages students to explore, tinker, and build while understanding the integration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in everyday life.

Why PSC Makerspace Program?

  • To provide opportunities and facilities to support scientific interest
  • Providing a platform for fun learning of scientific concepts by practical experiments related to their educational curriculum.
  • To encourage interest in STEM Science,Technology, Engineering, and math
  • Resources for teachers to integrate STEAM learning activities in classroom
  • Access to digital content & resources designed & curated by Team PSC for both teachers & students
  • Additional STEAM Kits & materials to conduct STEAM programs inside the school

How Can a School Integrate PSC Programs?


Contact PSC Team

Email: info@paksc.org
Contact: 02135052989


Meet the team to Understand the School’s need


Sign MOU as an agreement to work together


Receive Product & Service Delivered


Provide Feedbacks & Evaluation with Team PSC