How to make solar car

In this project, you can learn how to make a solar car using basic techniques. This project is great for a makerspace or mechanical engineering challenge at school, library, or home.

Once you learn the basics, you can experiment with different body styles and designs to make your car go faster.  You can also set up a competition between friends to see who can build the fastest solar car.  Make STEAM education fun!

Required Material

  • solar cell
  • round DC motor
  • cardboard
  • 3 wheels
  • gear wheel
  • gear
  • iron axle
  • beads
  • tongue depressor

Note: All material is available at sciencestore.pk inventor box

required material

Step 1: Axle Attachment

first, pass the two beads from the axle and paste the axle on the cardboard sheet. Make sure the beads are attached on the end of the cardboard

Attach one more axle

car base

Step 2: Mount the Wheel

Now it’s time to mount the wheels on the axle of the car.  If the cap is a little loose, Make sure the wheels are kept as straight as possible

Step 3: Connect the Gear

Push your gear onto the shaft of motor that you're using

Step 4: Mount the Motor

using hot glue, mount the motor to the cardboard. Make sure the motor is attached with a gear wheel of the car

attach motor on car

Step 5: Mount the Solar Panel

then, attach the solar panel on the car with the help of tongue depressor

mount the solar panel

Step 6: Wiring

First, attach switch with the car then connect the motor, solar panel and switch in series with each other


Step 7: Testing

Now your solar car is ready for a test


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