About Pakistan Science Club


پاکستان سائنس کلب Pakistan Science Club is a not-for-profit science society established  on 8th of August 2008 by Abdul Rauf. He is the founder and president of the Organization. Abdul Rauf the Founder of Pakistan Science Club is also a Teacher, Innovator, Scientist, and Learner. He loves to create, explore new ways to view and imagine things and then make them real.

Pakistan Science Club`s mission is to promote scientific research culture in society through interactive and innovative Hands-on science activities projects, Experiments and Science fairs. 

The team of dedicated members :


The current situation in the Pakistan is that fewer and fewer of its citizens are being trained in technical/scientific backgrounds like scientists and doctors while scientific education in rest of the world like Europe, North America and Asia are on the rise. The amount of science being taught at the educational level across the country is dangerously dropping. Science in this country is clearly taking a back seat to the other occupations such as business, sports, and other disciplines.

Pakistan Science Club (PSC) is a not-for-profit science society established 8 years ago realizing the fact that our students are lacking behind the world in scientific research and inquiry based learning. PSC aims to Promote Scientific Culture by working on three prong strategy. Promoting Science and Technology by organizing different science activities i.e. summer science camps, science fairs and competition at school, college or university levels that aims to Search Science Talent all over the Pakistan. These science passionate students are nurture at our platform and Research Centre where they can work on their ideas and research in solving problems of our country and common people by innovation and development of new technologies by scientific means using local resources


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