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DIY Science Projects

for Kids, Hackers and Makers.

DIY Science Projects to Do With Your Kids Science for kids. DIY Science Projects doesn’t need special equipment or a PhD. Easy, at-home science experiments can be done right in your own kitchen or yard. Topics are wind turbine, solar panels

solar water heater

Make Solar Water Heater

Make Homemade Solar Water Heater, DIY Project with instructions Homemade solar water heater is an easy DIY project that uses solar energy for heating water. In...

water rocket

How to Make a Water Rocket

Introduction to Water Rocket To make water rocket is one of the practical demonstration of construction and working of  rockets.  Anyone can make their own...

Simple DIY Electric Scissor from CD-ROM

DIY Electric Scissor from CD-ROM

Simple Do-it your self (DIY0 Electric Scissor from CD-ROM parts. In this project you will learn how circular motion converted in to linear motion and...