How to make an electric motor


In this project, you can experience how an electric motor works and how to make it. This project is great for a makerspace or mechanical engineering challenge at school, library, or home.

Once you learn the basics, you can experiment with different body styles and designs to make a high RPM(round per minute) motor. You can also set up a competition between friends to see who can build an efficient electric motor.  Make STEM education fun!

Material Needed

  • paper pins
  • cardboard
  • beads
  • crocodile clip with wire
  • battery
  • Pvc pipe cap
  • magnet
  • 30 gauge copper wire coil
  • 22 gauge copper wire coil
  • LED

Note: All material is available in science store inventor box


Step 1: Coil Wounding

Take 30 gauge copper wire and wound on PVC pipe cap. Make 100 turn copper coil

coil wounding

Step 2: Remove Insulation

Then remove the insulation layer of the coil with the help of scissors.

remove insulation

Step 3: Making Central Axle

Take two pieces of copper wire of 22 gauge

2 piece of copper wire

Make a central axle on a coil with help of 22 gauge copper wire

Making central axle

Central axle

Step 4: Making Hook Stands

Make two hooks of the paper pins with the help of the nose plier. Make sure the length of the hook is greater than the copper coil.

hook making

Step 5: Mount the coil

Attach the hook on the cardboard and pass the copper coil in it.

Step 6: Place Magnet

Place a magnet on the cardboard just below the copper coil

place a magnet

Step 7: Wiring

Attach one end of crocodile clip with battery and other wire with hook stand


Step 8: Testing

Now your electric motor is ready for the test


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