Solar Cooker Science Fair Project Research project for kids

Solar Cooker Science Fair Project Research project for kids

Grade Levels: 7-9


Which natural material works best to insulate a homemade slow cooker: paper, cloth, or hay? Possible Hypothesis: The best insulator for a slow cooker is paper/cloth/hay.


  • 3 cardboard boxes of equal size (large enough to hold pan and insulating material)
  • 3 potatoes of equal size
  • 3 identical cooking pans with lids Newspaper, cloth, hay Thermometer Water


1. Place one potato in each pan and cover with the same amount of water. Boil them simultaneously for two minutes over the same amount of heat.

2. Place a layer of one insulating material in the bottom of each box, place the pans inside the boxes, surround the pans with insulating material, and close.

3. After one hour, record the temperature of the interior of the potatoes.

Analysis and Conclusion:

Which insulator worked best? Is this an energy efficient way to cook food?


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