Hydraulic scissors lift

DIY Hydraulic Scissor Lift

The hydraulic scissor lift is an engaging activity to explore simple machines and mechanisms, the activity also explains hydraulic pressure, Pascal’s principle, its importance, and various applications.

The hydraulic scissor lift can be made with popsicle sticks but it's very difficult to make so we make it simple with a laser cutting MDF sheet here are step by step in the picture. This kit is available at Pakistan Science Club's ScienceStore.pk
Buy https://sciencestore.pk/product/hydraulic-scissor-lift-kit/ this DIY Hydraulic Lift Model Kit Students School Science Experiment Toys also available in Be a maker STEM kit box 3.0

  • The lift is mainly driven by the hydraulic pressure of the lifting platform to realize the lifting function.
  • Its scissor mechanical structure makes the lifting platform have higher stability, wide platform and high carrying capacity.
  • It's the ultimate toy, it also increases the importance of teamwork and collaboration through interactive games, builds social skills, supports creativity and improves imagination.
  • Give toys to encourage your child to learn through play-toys designed to help your child develop hand-eye coordination, master fine motor skills, improve logical thinking and improve important problem-solving skills.

Material and Tools

  • Hydraulic Scissor Lift kit
  • Small screwdriver, Plier, Glue gun (not included in kit)

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