Solar Water Heater The best Science Project for grade 4 to 8

Solar Water Heater

Construction of a solar water heater for school. This project is an exciting STEAM hands-on activity to learn about renewable and solar energy, the kids will learn how they can use sunlight to make an environment-friendly solar water heater with no electric energy consumption. Also, it will help to understand renewable energy and the Integration of the concept into daily life.

what is a solar water heater?

Solar water heating is heating water by sunlight, using a solar thermal collector.

Material Required for the making

  • Black plastic ring pipe 10 ft
  • Transparent tape
  • Cardboard Aluminium foil
  • Recycled Plastic Bottle

Required tools for The Construction

  • Hot-glue gun
  • Scissor
  • Knife cutter

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solar water heater
solar water heater

Steps of Construction Solar Water Geyser

  • Take a large cardboard piece and make a circle of 12-inch diameter, cut the circle and it will serve as the base of the geyser.
  • Paste the aluminum sheet over the circular base with its reflecting side facing upwards as shown,
  • Cut long stripes of at least 4cm width and stick them with a glue gun to make a wall of the circular base.
  • Make a small hole (about 1cm) at the center of the circular base and pass the 4-5inch part of the black pipe (outlet) and apply hot glue to make it stick at a place.
  • Coil the whole pipe by putting small hot glue at various points.
  • Make another hole in the wall and take out the other end of the pipe (Inlet) and fix it with glue (the end should not be more than 6-7 inches).
  • Cover the base with the transparent sheet, put a glue gun over the edges of the wall, and fit the transparent sheet firmly in a manner that there should not be any loose fold in it.
  • Cut the extra sheet and stick the remaining with scotch tape.
  • Your solar water geyser is now ready, fix any bottle at the inlet pipe with very slow water flow and put any bucket at the outlet pipe to collect the warm water.
Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater


This is a DIY passive solar water heating is a passive system, do not use a pump to circulate water from the collector to storage or other locations. They employ three means:  gravity, the tendency of hot water to rise above cold water, and water pressure. All solar water-heating systems employ a collector area and a storage tank.  Usually, collectors consist of an insulated box containing a winding array of water pipes attached to metal sheeting or fins that have been painted flat black to absorb solar radiation.

Additional resource

This Project is part of Pakistan Science Club's product STEM Kit 4.0, Be a Maker you can buy this kit box online. You can also watch a recorded session of this project which record during Online Winter Camp 2020-2021


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