DIY Telescope making is a fascinating and rewarding hobby that allows you to explore the universe and observe celestial objects. With the help of modern technology and the internet, it is now easier than ever to learn how to make your own telescope. In this article, we will provide a detailed guide to making a homemade astronomical telescope from scratch with a video tutorial covering all the steps and parts needed to create a focuser, tripod stand, equatorial mount, AZ mount, reflector telescope, and refractor telescope.

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Materials and components for DIY Telescope.

The materials required for making a telescope will depend on the type of telescope you wish to create. However, here are some general materials that are used in most telescope designs:

In this article, we will cover all parts of making telescopes

Part 1: Making a Focuser for DIY Telescope

The first step in making a telescope is to create a focuser. A focuser is a device that allows you to adjust the focus of your telescope. In this tutorial, we will use a basic rack-and-pinion focuser.

focuser template

SVG and XF file formats for laser cutting are available to download at

plastic, jam nut threaded tailpiece for simplest telescope focuser. this is available in any hardware store and also available in the science

plastic, jam nut

Video Tutorial of DIY Focuser

Part 2: Making an AZ Mount

The next part is to create a tripod stand for your telescope. The tripod stand provides stability and support for the telescope. You can use wood or metal for this part, depending on your preference.

An AZ mount, also known as an Alt-Azimuth mount, is another type of mount that is easier to construct than an equatorial mount. This mount allows you to move your telescope up and down and left to right. This type of mount is perfect for observing objects in the sky.

DIY Manual Alt-Azimuth Mount with Tripod

DIY Manual Alt-Azimuth Mount with Tripod is also available at the

Part 3: Making a Telescope D50mm F600mm

A refractor telescope uses lenses to bend and focus light. This type of telescope is more difficult to construct than a reflector telescope, but it offers superior image quality.

Baffle Template for diy telescope
Baffle Template for diy telescope


Baffle Template:

Part 4: Homemade D90F900mm Astronomical Telescope | DIY Refractor Telescope | Step-by-Step video tutorial.

Homemade D90 F900mm Astronomical Telescope template downloads

Homemade D90 F900mm Astronomical Telescope
Homemade D90 F900mm Astronomical Telescope

Baffle for 50mm 600mm

Why baffle is so important in telescopes?

A baffle is an important component in a telescope design, and it serves several essential purposes:

  1. Minimizing Stray Light: One of the primary functions of a baffle in a telescope is to reduce or eliminate stray light from entering the optical system. Stray light can degrade the quality of the image by creating unwanted reflections and reducing contrast. By using baffles strategically placed within the telescope tube, you can prevent light from unwanted sources (like nearby streetlights or the moon) from entering the telescope's optics.
  2. Improving Contrast: Stray light can scatter within the optical system, leading to reduced contrast in the observed image. Baffles help maintain high contrast by blocking off-axis light that would otherwise interfere with the desired image.
  3. Enhancing Image Quality: Baffles also play a role in improving the overall image quality. By minimizing the effects of stray light and preventing it from reaching the telescope's focal plane, baffles help ensure that the image seen through the eyepiece or captured by imaging sensors is as clear and sharp as possible.
  4. Reducing Glare: In certain observing conditions, such as when viewing a bright object like the Moon or a planet, glare can be a problem. Baffles help reduce glare by preventing excessive light from entering the telescope's optical path and overwhelming the observer.
  5. Suppressing Ghosting and Flare: Baffles can also help suppress optical artifacts like ghosting and flare that can occur when internal reflections within the telescope tube bounce off optical surfaces. By controlling the path of light within the telescope, baffles can minimize these unwanted optical effects.

DIY Telescope Diagonal | How To make Diagonal.


Making of 6-inch Reflector Telescope (Video Tutorial)

What can you see with this telescope? see this video.

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