The 5-week SELF-PACED program is only for GIRLS of age 10-18 who are interested in Artificial Intelligence and solving community problems using it, girls either individual or group (maximum 6) will be guided to gather Data, refining and process the data through Machine learning and then creating a Paper prototype App (Not a full-fledged and professional one).

There will be 5 online sessions of 2 hours each once in a week starting from 27th July to 28th August 2020 on Google Classroom. Sessions will be on every Saturday from 10am to 12 pm (the first session will be on 30th July due to Eid-ul-Azha).
The participants then submit their ideas internationally to Technovation (The deadline is 28th August 2020).

Every participant either individual or in a group must have a Gmail ID to participate. The deadline for registration is 26th July, Sunday.

There will be a Guideline Session about the program on Sunday 26th July from 3 pm to 3:40 pm.

For registration: https://forms.gle/UGuJVQekxTXdJvHC7


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