“A picture speaks the thousand words. This has been the bygone. Let your clicks speak the science”

“A picture speaks the thousand words. This has been the bygone. Let your clicks speak the science”

“A picture speaks the thousand words. This has been the bygone. Let your clicks speak the science”

Ever since the invention of camera, people used to capture their moments for eternity. The most recent phenomenon is a self-portrait photograph (Selfie). There have been many photo contests in recent past nationally and internationally on different topics.

Pakistan Science Club has taken an initiative. Science Photo Contest “Click on Science”, where we invite all of you to submit your best click on any of the following categories.


 The Natural World where Animals, plants and landscapes; geological or climatologically features can be the subject of interest for the photographers. Scientific phenomena and Aeronautic & Space have been placed in separate categories as per the interest of the participants. 

The rules and regulations for Photo Science Contest are to be abided strictly. Photographers are asked to submit their best photograph (one photograph) with Proper title and 200 words description. Photographers are strictly asked to refrain from any sort of photo editing and modification. Picture may be Black and White or colored. The picture resolution must not fall below the allowed 1600×1200 pixels. The photo size must not exceed above 4 Mb in any case. Allowed file formats are png, jpeg, gif and bmp. The Exif data must be with the picture

 Copyright rules and regulations are to be abided by every participant. All images must be original and must belong to the participant. Submitted images must remain property of the photographer. The author grants Pakistan Science Club and Pakistan Science Club partners the right of free usage of the image for promotional non-profit usage guarantying the image will be credited appropriately. The photographer declares having the permission of all persons appearing on the image submitted. Photographers younger than 18 years may participate only with approval of their guardian or legal tutor.

 Pakistan Science Club has devised a unique judgment criteria, all submitted photos will be judged on the basis of online voting for 10 days. www.paksc.org.  Alongside it, picture views, likes, sharing and commenting on Official Facebook Page will also be counted. Beside all this, the crucial Judging will be conducted by Pakistan Science Club Team with the support of professional photographers and scientists.

 Personal data posted upon submission will not be passed to 3rd parties and will only be processed by Pakistan Science Club for statistical purposes. The photographer agrees that Pakistan Science Club uses his/her name in contest-related public communication.

 First three Position Holders will be awarded with Shields and Certificates. The winning Photo will be get 10,000 PKR


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