PSC Announces All Karachi Water Rocket Challenge 2017

This year for the first time in Pakistan’s history, Pakistan Science Club is bringing the most awaited event in Karachi Pakistan The Water Rocket Challenge 2017 on 21st January 2017 at “Dream World. It is a very healthy and fun filled activity in which Participants will make a rocket by using carbonated bottle and launch it in the air.

This activity will involve the participants to utilize their hands on skills to create a water rocket that can fly high. It is the most recognized fun science activity in the world which not only teaches about basic concepts of physics, mathematics and aerodynamics but also tells people how fun science can be so in order to promote science culture in our country,

A large number of schools and hobbyist are going to participate in this wonderful event and It will be a worth learning and healthy competition for the students where they will get an excellent chance to escalate their Hands on Skills. It will be a great opportunity to get promote and recognize as we are going to arrange the pre event Shout OutsLive Hangouts and Q/A Sessions. Also the participants will get appreciation on a very huge level in front of a large number of audience, schools, industrial personnel and government officials. 

The competition comprises of two categories, i.e.

  • For School Students (Age: 12-18)

Challenge is to design and launch a rocket to achieve maximum range with constant pressure..

  • For Hobbyists (Age: 18+)

Participants are required to hit the Bull’s eye target by adjusting water quantity, air pressure within given range and angle of the launcher.

Free workshop regarding “How to make Water Rocket will be conducted in the schools. The event day will be an open day for ALL in one of the best amusement park “Dream World”

Participants will be allowed to bring their parents along with them and schools are allowed to bring their other students to witness this exciting competition. Audience can also join us there as viewer for free (Online registration is necessary + Limited seats). This will be an amazing, healthy and worth learning experience for both participants and audience.


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