The Karachi Youth STEM Learning Festival, a collaborative effort by Thar Education Alliance, UNICEF Pakistan, UNICEF Reform Support Unit, SELD (School Education & Literacy Department) and Government of Sindh unfolded over three exciting days from January 18 to 20, 2024. At the heart of the festival was a captivating science show led by our CEO, Mr. Abdul Rauf, who skillfully blended education with entertainment. The community actively engaged in immersive science demonstrations, turning the exploration of various scientific concepts into enjoyable and insightful moments. A standout feature was the solar observations facilitated with a telescope proudly made in Pakistan by PSC, injecting a dose of local innovation into the festival’s fabric.

The festival was a testament to the power of collective engagement in promoting science education. The enthusiastic participation of the community highlighted a shared commitment to fostering a love for learning and discovery. We extend our sincere appreciation to the organizers for their invaluable support, making this event a resounding success.

As we reflect on the vibrancy of the Karachi Youth STEM Learning Festival, we look forward to future events and initiatives. Stay connected with us for updates on upcoming activities, as we continue our mission to make science education accessible, engaging, and a source of inspiration for all.


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