An exciting, engaging, and worth learning fun science demonstration and hands-on activity was conducted on the 9th of March, Thursday by Pakistan Science Club in collaboration with Alif Ailaan as a part of Math and Science campaign in Rahat-e-Islamia government School adopted by The Dawood Foundation (TDF).

Kids are making a cardboard helicopter  Rahat-e-Islamia GOVT School

More than 200 students from grades 3rd to 5th along with teachers attended the activity which comprises two parts i.e. fun science show and a Simple helicopter hand-on project-making activity. The event comprises of three hours activities, science show started at 11:30 am and was carried out for an hour. It involved the students in a very energetic and enthusiastic manner and addressed the fundamental concepts of science such as pressure difference, vacuum effect, breakage of polymer layer due to reaction of acid, the center of gravity, chemical reactions etc. The activities engaged students in a very interesting way; actively participated in all, asked questions, and also tried to accept the challenges as well.


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