Looking at the depreciating scenario of science and research culture in Pakistan, Pakistan Science Club search for motivation that become the source of power for youth and instigate them to excel in as researcher, this time we found a cheerful young lady, Maryam Javed. Out of 8, the most science enthusiasts across Pakistan, Maryam secured her position for participation in the Asian Science Camp, where she earned an honor for Pakistan by securing 2nd position in biology along her group mates.

Please introduce yourself. (Education, Hobbies, Passion, etc.)

I’m Maryam Javed, daughter of Lt.col Jawed Aslam. I’ve done Fsc from Army public school and college, Fort road. I am passionate about studying medicine or dentistry and doing research. All my life I want to inspire good, convince others of what’s right, tell them that being subjective can invoke the most obnoxious of perceptions about life and never to accept anything at face value until thoroughly looked into. Hoping to muster every morsel of my inner desires waiting to be fulfilled, my sentimental propensity has reached an invigorating limit that I could not keep running away from my own dream any longer. Instead, I chose to reveal it. I’m an unobtrusive, inconspicuous, unpretentious yet unfathomable individual who wishes to realize her dream of inviting her sisters in humanity to Islam.

Briefly tell about your participation in the Asian summer camp?

I participated in the Asian Science Camp, which gave me the honor to attend first-hand lectures of 5 World-renowned Nobel laureates, some field medalists and eminent scientists. I exchanged my international counterparts with brilliant young students of Asia as well as Australia, Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Guam. At the end , we had
a poster competition, and I won it with my group mates of biology and we were awarded with cash prize from Ministry of Edn, Singapore , lee foundation and national research foundation

How did you approach to Asian summer camp?

NCP, Islamabad commenced the test and interview and selected 8 students from all over Pakistan.

 What were their criteria for selection of participants?

The participating students are those selected from High Schools and Universities (1st and 2nd year) who show keen interest and promise in science.

What did you learn there?

I learned that science has no borders, it unites us all. One should be passionately curious, just as Einstein says, “I’ve no special talents, I’m just passionately curious” Science is fun; the teachers must make science fun, by helping children with some fun experiments.

How was your relation with other participants?

I was affable and friendly with all the students. The host students, Singaporeans, were very approachable.  We all got along very well.

What difference did you see among international students and Pakistani Students?

The difference between international and Pakistani students is that they don’t treat science as a subject which is imposed on them; they follow their dreams, their passion. They focus more on practical than theory and have innovative minds. Their country financially supports them in their science projects.

How were your feelings when you secured position there?

My feelings were ineffable; I just wanted my father to be there with me at that moment. He’s my mentor and my biggest inspiration.

How did Pakistani media response to your achievement?

Pakistani media unfortunately didn’t pay any attention. I emailed some channels, but got no response. I talked to director of a channel and I won’t reveal his name, he asked for the details and pictures of the event, and after that, I never heard from him again. They thought it’s all frivolous, to them education has no value but the conflicts between democratic parties is all they care about.

What about your future plans?

I’ll study medicine or dentistry, after that masters and PhD and will join the researchers. I belong to a poor country with excellent people, I want to raise the level of education in my country, to be philanthropist and help the children who are unable to bear education expenses. Muslim ummah’s power is waning, because they’ve left education. As I belong to Balochistan which is a backward area when it comes to education. I want to promote good quality education there.

How are you contributing for the promotion of science and technology in Pakistan?

My mother is a teacher. I went to her school and shared my experiences with the students in order to develop their interest in science. I told them how much value science holds in these times. Further, I share the scientific knowledge on social media as well.

What is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal in life is to become a doctor and an Islamic scholar.

Where do you like Pakistan to stand? What plans do you have for Pakistan, if any?

I want Pakistan to progress, because there’s no reason for it not to, it has all the resources and assiduous people. In future, I’ll promote education as a professor and a philanthropist.

What troubles did you have during the summer camp?

I can’t recall having any troubles in the science camp as all the students and faculty was cordial. The event was very well organized.

Who was your guide?

Dr.Riffat Mehmood Quresihi (Director CAAD, NCP) was our guide. He is a very benevolent and amenable person. He guided our delegate very efficiently.

Did any Government Institution help you?

The Science camp org offered only one fellowship to Pakistani students, Sarah Ahmed a student of university of Jamshoro won that fellowship. Due to the humble efforts of my College (APS, Fort road, Rawalpindi cantt) Principal, Brig. Afzal Malik, I was awarded fellowship by DG NLC Maj.Gen Asghar Nawaz. The government didn’t help any student.

How do you think that the government should help people like you?

The government should raise the education budget because there are millions of children who can’t even afford elementary school. A country can only progress if its people are educated. Govt. can help us by funding our international camps. By helping students in their projects, financially. E.g. in the field of engineering, govt should financially assist the students to do projects.

Do you like to give any message to fellow students, the public and the government from the platform of Pakistan Science Club?

My message for the youth is to live their dreams, do whatever they want to do. There are millions of people, then why are you born? Because something, somewhere in this universe is waiting for you to explore it. Prove your worth and use your talents in positive activities and help Pakistan progress.

Your suggestion for Pakistan Science Club for inspiring youth for Promotion of Science and technology?

PSC is doing a stupendous job by inspiring the youth by posting experiments performed by the young scientists of Pakistan. PSC should organize the science events in different remote areas of Pakistan where science is not common.

How can you contribute from the platform of Pakistan Science Club?

I want to encourage the young generation that science is the need of our times. As a nation, we can only progress if we have education. This is possible by organizing small events in remote areas, like my own village, performing simple and fun experiments and help those children who can’t afford education by fund raising.

 Maryam Javed with Pakistani delegate at closing ceremony

 Maryam Javed with Pakistani delegate at closing ceremony

Maryam javed and Shanza Farida with prof. Chrong haur sow (NUS)

Maryam javed and Shanza Farida with prof. Chrong haur sow (NUS)

 NBS group on excursion day

NBS group on excursion day

Maryam Javed with.nobel laureate aaron ciechanover

Maryam Javed with nobel laureate Makoto KOBAYSHI


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