Group Curious Scientists (Age 6-8)
Group Curious Scientists (Age 6-8)

This group will incorporate the children from Age 6-8. The campers will explore about the laws of science and their implementations in routine life, learn hands-on skills and design their projects. The activities are outlined to develop fundamental understanding of children regarding Energy and its conversion, Architecture making and Basic Robotics.

The course outline is as following:

Example Projects:

  • Maze solver
  • Bristle bot
  • color wheel
  • pet
  • paper glider
  • Rubber powered car
  • Air power car
  • Wind mill
  • Tall tower
  • Fun science show
  • No wire circuit
  • Hovercraft
  • Origami shape shifter


Save the astronaut

The kids will be challenged to save an astronaut while dropping from a height using exciting techniques.

Bristle Bot

It is the simplest walking robot both and can be made by using simple household. The name is given because it has Bristles at its base to move instead of legs and feet.

Earthquake resistant structure

The task is to model the structure out of provided material to resist earthquake. The design will be tested on the shaking table to replicate seismic vibrations