Group Curious Scientists (Age 6-8)

Curious Scientists

This group will incorporate the children from Age 6-8. The campers will explore the laws of science and their implementations in routine life, learn hands-on skills and design their projects. The activities are outlined to develop a fundamental understanding of children regarding Energy and its conversion, Architecture making and Basic Robotics.

Make and Take Projects

The course outline is as follows:

Windmill: Besides the development of hands-on skills, the activity introduces the concept of renewable energy and its conversion to a useful form.

Anemometer: A device used to find out the direction of the wind, helps students to learn about air direction and its significance.

Bristle bot: It is a fun learning activity that helps students to understand basic robotics and conversion of energy into subsequent forms to perform any action.

Air powered car: It is an energetic activity to explain students about air pressure and its implications.

The catapult: Being one of the oldest inventions of mankind, the catapult is an amazing project for analyzing energy transformation.

Air powered rocket: A worth doing hands-on activity for young kids to understand how air pressure can be integrated into engineering design and aerodynamics.

Paper circuit: An insight to electrical energy, its resources and uses along with the introduction of the basic circuit, its components and making

Robotic arm: Based on the concepts of robotics, it explains the movement of muscles and the forces required to make it work.

Fruit cell: An interesting project to comprehend the earliest resources of electrical energy and its uses.