The PSC STEM Clubs Program
School STEM club is a worth learning and compelling program for the school students to learn the fundamental concepts of science by doing hands-on activities and experience the practical demonstrations of the science. It will not only enable them to understand the science in a better way but will also incept scientific attitude and thinking towards daily life problems.

What is a School STEM Club?

School STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) club is an exciting, worth learning and compelling program for the school students to learn the fundamental concepts of science and math by doing hands-on activities and experience the practical demonstrations of the science theories and laws trough Inquiry based Science Education "IBSE"pedagogic.

A STEM Club could be about computer coding, maths puzzles, robotics, engineering, chemistry, astronomy… anything that falls within STEM subjects! The format of the club depends entirely on what suits the needs of the teachers, school and students. Activities can include practical experiments, investigations, group work, competitions, discussion and reflection, but most of all they should be fun.


There are two options for constituting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math STEM club at School, these are

School Owned STEM Club

Pakistan science club will provide lesson plans, workshop training to the group leaders. Video conferencing and risk assessment to the mentor and office bearer students of the school. Read More

PSC driven School STEM Club

The facilitators of Pakistan science club will carry out all the activities in school by themselves with school science club members and students. All activity material, tools and necessary equipment will be provided by Pakistan Science Club. Read More

The STEM Club Aims

  • To provide opportunities and facilities to support scientific interest
  • To encourage a spirit of comradeship
  • To liaise with other organizations who share these aims
  • To search & promote the science talent and bring it to the limelight.
  • Providing a platform for fun learning of scientific concepts by practical experiments related to their educational curriculum.
  • To encourage interest in STEM Science,Technology, Engineering and math

The Benefits of Running a STEM Club

  • Related activities to the national curriculum develop understanding and conceptual learning regarding subject of Science and its topics.
  • Hands-on skills development.
  • Enhancement of practical approach and problem solving attitude.
  • Team working.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Presentation skills. Read More

Learning Objectives

This learning journey provides guidance on running and setting up a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math STEM club. It Is created as part of Pakistan Science Club which aims to provide young people with learning opportunities in Science and technology, Engineering & Math’s (S.T.E.M.) using classrooms and libraries.

Impact of STEM Clubs

Through STEM Clubs, students gain practical, team work and leadership skills, their confidence and engagement in STEM increases as well as their motivation to study STEM and enter STEM careers.

STEM Clubs also bring together staff who may not usually work with each other, and improve links and integrated working between other STEM organizations. They can improve relations between students and teachers, and build links with local industry and employers, as well as raising the profile of STEM and the school within the local community.

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