A STEM Club is a gathering of students that meets regularly in a learning environment to work on different concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math by doing hands-on activities. PSC aims to establish STEM club in every school.

What is a STEM Club

It is a place where students can learn to use material, tools, design and create a prototype using their hands-on skills and scientific knowledge. It encourages students to explore, tinker and build while understanding the integration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in everyday life.

The STEM Club Aims

  • To provide opportunities and facilities to support scientific interest
  • To encourage a spirit of comradeship
  • To liaise with other organizations who share these aims
  • To search & promote the science talent and bring it to the limelight.
  • Providing a platform for fun learning of scientific concepts by practical experiments related to their educational curriculum.
  • To encourage interest in STEM Science,Technology, Engineering and math

The Benefits of Running a STEM Club

  • Related activities to the national curriculum develop understanding and conceptual learning regarding subject of Science and its topics.
  • Hands-on skills development.
  • Enhancement of practical approach and problem solving attitude.
  • Team working.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Presentation skills. Read More

Learning Objectives

This learning journey provides guidance on running and setting up a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math STEM club. It Is created as part of Pakistan Science Club which aims to provide young people with learning opportunities in Science and technology, Engineering & Math’s (S.T.E.M.) using classrooms and libraries.

Impact of STEM Clubs

Through STEM Clubs, students gain practical, team work and leadership skills, their confidence and engagement in STEM increases as well as their motivation to study STEM and enter STEM careers.

STEM Clubs also bring together staff who may not usually work with each other, and improve links and integrated working between other STEM organizations. They can improve relations between students and teachers, and build links with local industry and employers, as well as raising the profile of STEM and the school within the local community.

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    The first step toward crafting your experience is to understand the PSC's STEM Club approach to education and the guiding frameworks that drive our program development. If it is determined that our pedagogical principles are aligned with your own, then you should decide which of our programs will work best for your needs.
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    Whether you have an idea of what you are looking for or don’t know where to begin, we are here to help. Our team of education consultants, many of whom are former educators, are ready and willing to answer any questions you might have. They can assist you in developing a program and determining your investment and will be there throughout the entire process, providing you with guidance as needed.

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Our Collaborators
PSC is associated with a large number of science national and international societies and organizations with mutual understandings for the promotion and popularization of science in Pakistan and across the globe. These include different world renowned institutions and universities in Pakistan, these are:
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