Pakistan Science Club is determined to present all-new exciting hands-on activities for the all-new Online Summer Camps that will not only help students to be engaged creatively to learn academic science in a better way but the young scientists will also explore various interesting phenomena with fun. Each camp will be of 2 weeks and will comprise of 7 sessions/projects via Zoom and PSC YouTube channel.

Online Family Winter Maker Camp

Pakistan Science club successfully conducted 8 online camps where hundreds of children with their parents participate. Now, PSC going to start winter maker camp, In this camp Children will discover exciting, educational, and fun learning during winter’s break, Pakistan Science Club offers an interactive hands-on science camp for young kids starting from 04th December featuring various scientific phenomena from engineering to chemistry, biology and renewable energy.

After successful completion of 5 Online Family STEM Summer camps and overwhelming response countrywide, Pakistan Science Club and ECO Science Foundation are determined to continue providing quality time to young ones and teens. Online Family STEM Summer Camp is a hands-on, fun-learning, and engaging experience for not only students of different age groups but parents will also enjoy them with their children.

After Technovation Families (AI Family Challenge) Pakistan Science Club now in collaboration with Technovation and UNESCO is launching a pilot program, Technovation Idea Lab in Pakistan.

 Pakistan Science Club (PSC) has called all the young makers to get free online training at its Online Family STEAM camp while staying at home with Family Camp.
The Family STEM Camp session-II theme is ‘Be A Maker’.  https://paksc.org/onlinecamp

During the current situation of self-isolation and global pandemic, Pakistan Science Club is determined to provide quality time to young ones and teens. Online Family Mathematics Camp in collaboration with NMIEL (Nida & Madni Institute of Experiential Learning) is engaging & learning with fun. Hands-on experience is captivating not only for students of different age groups but parents and teachers can equally benefit from it. Parents will not only enjoy different activities but also learn how to teach their kids in a meaningful way. Various household items and low cost/no cost material will be used for hands-on activities which tell us that learning is not dependent on expensive props and material.