Robo Designers (Age 12 to 16 years)

robo designer

The group Robo Designers will comprises of the children from Age 12-16. Unlike other high priced robotic kits, Pakistan Science Club has designed an inexpensive kit for the students which has wide range of possibilities and easy to use. Campers will understand basic assembling and mechanical structure of car, they will recognize code as a language people use to communicate with machines in the form of step-by step instructions. Students will explore how robots follow an ordered and create a simple algorithm that a robot can follow to complete a desired task.

The course outline is as following:

Bluetooth controlled robot

An exciting and thrilling robot that can be easily controlled by android mobile phone. Campers will be allowed to modify their robots for sensational robo fight or robo race.

Obstacle avoidance robot

Students will design and code an engaging and intriguing advance robot to avoid any obstacle in its way autonomously.

Details for Robotic camp are as following:

  • Basic robot/car design
  • Physical and Mechanical structure making
  • Simple car finalizing with on/off switch
  • Circuit making of wired remote
  • Controlling of robot/car using wired remote
  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Introduction to different modules and their uses
  • Use of Bluetooth Module in robot/car
  • Programming and controlling of robot/car using bluetooth
  • Programming in Arduino for autonomous control
  • Autonomous control of robot /car


  1. Robot War
  2. Robot Race
  3. Robot Soccer

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