Group Inventor (Age 9-11)

Group Inventor (Age 9-11)

The group will comprise of the children from Age 9-11. The activities will help to develop the basic concepts of science, engineering, basic robotics along with their laws and applications. The activities will not only beneficial in developing hands-on skills but also in understanding the applications of science in routine life. The course outline is as follows:

An electric car with pulley: Introduction to basic machines, how they are used to make life easier in a combination of energy conversion.

Building bridge: The healthy competition helps the students to learn about the integration of mathematics and engineering in construction along with forces and energies involve in it.

Periscope: A worth learning hands-on project to understand light as a form of energy, its properties and how it helps in everyday life.

Advanced catapult: Young scientists will learn to build an advanced catapult, understands projectile motion and energies involved in launching a canon to its target.

Egg dropping: Fun-filled internationally recognized competition to make students think out of the box for saving an egg against gravitational potential energy.

Mechanical theatre/ robotic face: Along with the development of 21st-century skills, students will get a deeper understanding of mechanical energy, its conversion and application in machines.

Solar oven or cooker: The project emphasizes on the conversion of solar energy into workable heat energy for useful purposes such as cooking and heating.

Vertical axis windmill: Addressing the concept of renewable energy, the activity focuses on harvesting wind energy and its importance in the near future.

Cool house: Prevention from excessive heat is becoming extensively important during summers, the concept of the cool house will help the students to use different techniques to keep their homes cooler and safer.