Simple DIY Periscope with Step by Step instructions

How to Make DIY Periscope with Step by Step instructions

How to Make DIY Periscope: The simple DIY periscope focuses on the fundamentals of optics and light, its properties and phenomenon to develop an understanding of reflection, its laws and its types. Periscope making also defines the importance of angles in the reflection of light. Students will be guided to make a periscope with simple material like cardboard, mirrors and super glue.

Material required for making Simple DIY Periscope

  • Cardboard
  • Paper tape
  • 2 mirrors (2×2 inches)
  • Superglue
  • Pencil, scale and protector
  • Scissor

Simple DIY periscope

Steps of Construction

Make 4 marks along the width as it will be made into a box.

Mark 12 inches length on the piece of cardboard and width according to the width of mirror i.e. 2 inches.

Draw the lines according to the 2-inch mark and press the cardboard along the lines with the help of scale’s edge so that it could be easily folded.

periscope Simple DIY PeriscopeSimple DIY periscope

By using protector, make the angle of 45֯ on any of the side (preferably 2nd) diagonally on the opposite ends.

Stick the mirrors along the diagonal line of 45֯ with the help of superglue, note that their reflecting sides must face each other.

periscope with mirror Simple DIY periscope

By taking mirror as a reference, make an outline of the windows in front of the reflecting side of both mirrors.

Simple DIY periscope

Mark the windows on the opposite sides as shown,

Simple DIY Periscope

Cut them with the help of scissor.

Simple DIY Periscope

Fold the cardboard into box and join it with tape, the periscope is now ready.

Simple DIY Periscope

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